Advent Candle


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Our 100% natural beeswax Advent Candles stand 8.5 inches tall and are .75 inches thick.

Burn Time: 8-10 Hours

Advent is a time of great spiritual elevation and upliftment. In churches all over the world, candles are lit to commemorate this special time. A unique event calls for a unique candle, and our 100% Beeswax White-Pearl Advent Candle is just the thing for the occasion. Each candle is handmade with love and care, using only all-natural ingredients. Toxin-free, good for your health and for the environment, it may be the perfect candle for a time of giving and goodwill.

White beeswax candles are very unique as the shades range from off-white to ivory. Pearl is a warm white with a depth and purity true to nature.

Our Advent beeswax candles come with a convenient base to fit securely in each candle holder. The candles are elegent and slender, with a pleasant touch of colour. Long-lasting, with a warm and soft glow, along with a light, honey aroma, our beeswax Advent candles are sure to enhance your spiritual experience.

Did You Know? White Advent candles are used to signify purity. Our White-Pearl beeswax candles are not dyed, or bleached. The warm white colour is achieved through a unique filtration process that produces a rich white candle ideal for Advent.