Tapped Maple Serving Tray


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The Tapped Maple Serving Tray is handcrafted from a Vermont Sugar Maple Tree. The holes in the tray are from the sugaring taps that were put in the maple tree by those harvesting the sap to boil into maple syrup. Tapped Maple boards are difficult to find because most sawyers refuse to saw trees that may contain any type of metal for fear of damaging their equipment. The dark colored wood around the tap hole is caused by the dying wood that the tree must heal form. Taped Maple Lumber is both rare and beautiful, making this tray the perfect Vermont gift. The Tapped Maple Serving Tray has a book matched bottom with gracefully rounded frame and handles, the mitered joints are glued together with contrasting wood for strength. The Tapped Maple Serving Tray is finished with a hand rubbed oil and measures 24 inches by 14 inches, the side frames are 2 inches high and the handle ends are 3 1/4 inches high. The Tapped Maple Serving Tray ships for free within the Continental United States.