Adding Some New Products and Remove Some.

In my last post I talked about a new product called Baby Hand And Foot Print Photo Frame Kit. Due to the Covid Virus we are no longer going to be importing this item, we sold out and will not be renewing our inventory. However we have started producing replacement seat covers for ATVs. If you are not familiar with the term ATV it is a term used for off road vehicles mostly four wheelers, we will also be making covers for motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal water craft. We make these covers right in our upholstering studio from our own patterns so we know they fit right and we will be adding new models as fast as we can. If you don’t see what you need listed we have a good deal for you! We are willing to make you a cover for the cost of the fabric only. That way you get a great deal on a new cover and we get a new pattern. Shipping to and from might be a deal breaker though if you cant deliver your seat to us personally. At the time of this blog post we have a couple covers up and ready for immediate sale, Check them out and let me know it you need something that is not listed.

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