Shaker Candle Stand



Here is The Classic Shaker Candle Stand, also known as the Shoe Makers Candle Stand.

We have reproduced this timeless piece in every detail, except for one small improvement. We eliminated the tacked on rim around the candle holder supports and instead turned those supports from one solid piece of hardwood, incorporating the rim within the turning, thus eliminating any need for tacks. This improvement will ensure that the rims will never come loose, or fall off over time.

This Classic Shaker piece stands 20 ¼ inches tall and the base is 5 ¾ wide. The arms that hold your candles is 13 ¼ inches wide and each candle holder support is 4 5/8 wide. As is the nature of a handcrafted product, slight variations in dimensions may occur. As your candles burn down the height of the candles can be adjusted buy turning the candle holder arm up on the threaded center piece.

We have crafted these Shaker Candle Stands from solid Vermont Cherry and have finished them with a luxurious hand rubbed oil and wax and of course, each one comes signed and dated. The Shaker Candle Stand makes a wonderful gift for the candle lover in your life, for any occasion. An heirloom quality piece that will be proudly handed down from generation to generation.

Brass Candle holders and 100% beeswax candles pictured are not included, but are available elsewhere on our website.

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