Yamaha RS Venture Seat Cover Complete 3 Piece Set 05-18 Made in Vermont USA


This Complete three piece set includes everything you need to restore the upholstery on your RS Venture.


Our Yamaha Snowmobile Replacement Seat Covers are made from Heavy Duty Vinyl especially formulated for power sport vehicles, with a special 4 way stretch making installation a simple process.  The Black vinyl we use has a minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit cold crack rating for extreme use in cold environments. Our seat cover vinyl has a Marine grading for sun exposure and is sewn with a marine grade thread for long lasting durability in harsh environments.  We simply use the best vinyl available for this application. The gray vinyl on this cover is a high quality marine grade vinyl with a cold crack resistance down to -25 Fahrenheit. This Drivers seat and Passengers seat cover comes with everything you need for a quality installation, except for installer supplied staples and staple gun. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on this cover for both fit and workmanship.  We gladly accept returns that are in as new condition. We cannot accept returns on covers that have been stapled to your seat pan or damaged by purchaser. This listing is for a complete three piece set including Drivers, Passengers and Back Rest Covers and is priced with a savings of over 50.00 dollars if all three pieces were purchased individually.

Keep your back side dry and comfortable on all rides.

Protect that hard to replace seat foam from damage.

Easy installation and a good fit with 4 way stretch vinyl.

Black vinyl stays pliable in temperatures down to minus 60 below zero Fahrenheit.

Gray vinyl is cold crack rated down to minus 25 below zero Fahrenheit.

Keep your ride looking good.

Guaranteed fit and workmanship.

Includes all necessary hardware for installation.

Made by a master craftsman in the USA.

Installer must supply staple gun and staples.

This replacement seat cover fits these snowmobiles and includes drivers, passengers and back rest seat covers:

2005 RS Venture RST90K

2006 RS Venture RST90L

2007 Venture RST90W

2007 Venture GT RST90GTW

2008 RS Venture RST90XR

2008 RS Venture GT RST90GTXS

2009 RS Venture RST90YS

2010 RS Venture RST90ZS

2011 RS Venture RST90AS

2012 RS Venture RST90BS

2013 RS Venture RST90DS

2014 RS Venture RST90ES

2015 RS Venture RST90FS

2016 RS Venture RST90GS

2017 RS Venture RST90HS

2018 RS Venture RST9NJS

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 3 in