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We hear a lot today about buying American and I agree that buying American is important, especially in today’s economy. But even if we strive to purchase American made products, how do we know for sure those products are actually made in America? It’s true, we can look at the label, but does “Made In America” really mean what it says? Laws have been passed that make it legal for companies to use the “Made In America” label even though those products were not totally made in America. For instance, if a product is assembled in America with foreign made parts it my be labeled “Made In America” In some cases just repackaging a product may make it eligible for a “Made In America” label. This makes buying American made products difficult at best without doing research on each company. One way we can be sure we are buying American made products is to purchase goods from local producers. Local producers are a little more difficult to find, but savvy shoppers can locate them with just a little extra effort. Your local farmers market is a good starting point, and not just for locally grown produce. Many farmers markets also have talented craftsmen displaying their wears as well. The farmers market is also a good place to ask around if you don’t see what you are looking for. Also a Google search for products made in your local area may bring forth some surprising results. These are just a few ideas, I am sure shopping sleuths can come up with a wealth of other creative ones.

As for M.J. Amsden Furniture, I personally guarantee everyone of our products to be fully made in, not only the USA, but Vermont specifically, just yards from my back door. Except for exotic hardwoods such as Mahogany etc. Which do not grow in America and must be imported. We use Vermont grown lumber from venders using sustainable forestry practices whenever possible. You can actually watch most of our items being built right on our youtube channel, the link can be found at the bottom of the home page on our web site. So please, buy American and support your fellow Americans, but don’t forget to do your research and be assured that when you buy American, you are actually buying American.

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