Oh thoes lazy days of Summer!

It looks like Summer is finally upon us! If you love spending quiet hours lounging around the pool, spending time around the camp fire, or just relaxing and spending time with the Kids, there is no doubt summer brings many enjoyable family activities. While we are enjoying all that summer has to offer don’t forget those cool days of fall and that blustery weather of winter is just around the corner! Soon we will all be retreating to our homes for that wonderful warmth of a glowing fire, or the friendly atmosphere of a beloved wood stove, or if you are the type who prefers the easy warmth of a twist of the thermostat, now is the time to plan for your yearly retreat. I like to remind people that now is the best time to organize and prepare for any interior upholstery projects, or new furniture acquisitions you may have been wanting to get to, or any special holiday projects to make the time spent with family and friends much more enjoyable. I don’t want to toss a bucket of cold water on anyone’s summer, I just don’t like seeing the look of disappointment on peoples faces when I have to tell them we are booked for the next 6 months! Yes we do at times get that busy especially before the holidays and the unofficial season of “withdrawing into our homes”. So, beat the crowds today and avoid standing in line tomorrow. We will soon be reverting to “summer hours” here at M.J. Amsden Furniture ourselves, the date is to be determined based upon our work load, so call today to schedule next seasons project and don’t get left out in the cold, you can’t say I did not warn you!


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